Strength in Numbers

‘I found true healing at the Centre and will continue my journey with their help’

I would definitely say that being a victim of childhood sexual abuse is extremely difficult, lonely and confusing. There’s nowhere to turn, no way to get yourself to safety or understand that what is happening isn’t right – when the people you're supposed to trust the most, to keep you safe and have your best interests in mind, manipulate and lie.

My brain, body, and soul were confused and changed from the early abuse. I have wondered: “What would I be like – my personality traits, values, morals, etc. – if I wasn't assaulted?”

It took me 25 years to find the Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma. To find a home where I felt safe, free to be vulnerable, and be understood.

Entering the group program was what helped save my life. Meeting women of all ages and backgrounds, with one thing in common – sexual assault – was truly enlightening. I found sisters. I found a home. I found myself.

Sexual assault is an awful topic, hard to bring up and discuss, but talking about it is the best way to find true healing. Learning from other victims and listening to their stories changed my life. I found true healing at the Centre and will continue my journey to being a survivor with their help.

--Name Withheld